Yōkoso! Welcome to the site for Music 1701: From Zen to J-pop \(^o^)/ Japanese Society through Music. This is a Freshman Writing Seminar at Cornell University, currently offered for the Spring 2016 semester. We will be doing a lot of writing, as well as listening, discussing, sharing, and thinking – and, on occasion, dancing.

My name is Jillian Marshall, and I’ll be leading the classroom. I’m a PhD candidate in ethno/musicology here at Cornell, with a double life in Japan. I’m interested in challenging conventional notions of genre, society, and nation through Japan’s tremendously varied music cultures, and center my professional writing on critiques of capitalism and its effects on music and other creative exertions. I’ve spent over three years in Japan, with many more to come. Playing (piano and trumpet) and listening to music, along with learning and sharing, are two of my deepest passions.

For anyone not currently enrolled but with a positively piqued interest in music, Japan, or both, feel free to send me a message at jm2288 [at] cornell [dot] edu.

頑張りましょう! \(^o^)/